Winnipeg Jets "WhiteOut"

Credit to lewis gerschwitz for the original "W" layout


Perfect for web browsing, day to day use.
Layout is broken up by color
Nice and subtle
copy/paste macros
winamp/firefox quick launch macros


So I recently started cooking (first time in my life) and used lemons to flavour the chicken breast with. Which let me think, that I don't see my favourite colours in most rgb profiles very often.

So I made this profile, which has a just so slightly cyan to green ripple effect in it, with bouncy oranges on the top keys, yellow background and keys flashing up green.

Enjoy spring!

Also shoutout to Sirky, as I love his profiles very much and they helped me figuring out how to time the lightings and durations properly!

"Rocket With Missiles"

Basically a Rocket with some animations...