Gaming RGB Setup (Lenovo Legion)

Just a typical RGB setup for gaming using solid colors, nothing flashy or fancy
Temperature gauge on the left of the keyboard (dark blue=30°C, light blue= 60°C, Red= 85°C)

Rainbow Puke (Lenovo Legion)

The title sums it up pretty well, but still check out the video if you're interested. Macro keys are a temperature gauge (Green= 30°C, Yellow= 60°C, Red= 85C°) Epilepsy warning

Also the temp gauge is fixed, it's a little off in the video but the download should work just fine

Fire and Ice (Lenovo Legion)

A wave of fire and a wave of Ice cross the screen till they meet in the center, resulting in an explosion of the two radiating out. The actual profile on the keyboard looks much smoother than on the example for some reason.
The macro keys on the left of the keyboard is a temperature gauge of the Intel Processor. As the processer gets hotter the keys light up in ascending order from bottom to top going from blue to red (30°C= blue, 60°C= pink, 85°C). Look at my "Runway" Profile video for a better representation of this feature.

Blue Lagoon

The deep and depth-hinging feeling of these beautiful Caribbean blues will bring out the most adventurous aspects of your setup :)

Tap to make ripples in the calm, warm water!