Orbital Cannon

A profile inspried by the Orbital Cannon from GTA V

N'Zoth - Below the Waves

I've modified the Doki Doki&Aurora profiles to make an old god themed profile for World of Warcraft's upcoming 8.3 patch. Also i strongly recommend you to pair it with ''N'Zoth - Into the Darkness'' by kaiba in Wallpaper Engine.

Icon&Background for the profile: https://imgur.com/a/RptKakl


A profile resembling an aesthetic look with intricated wave patterns

Snowy + Obnoxiously birght christmas 2019

Snowy: it's a rather simple profile but I like it. it mainly consists of rain effects and gradients.

Obnoxiously bright Christmas 2019: pretty similar to the original but I added a void pro audio visualizer into the middle of the keyboard and mainly just cleaned up the mousepad lighting and made it more similar to the other obnoxiously bright profile that I've made.