Chrismas snow

Snow falls.
Typing leaves snow.
Mute changes colour if pressed.
Mouse changes colour.

Created on K70 Rapidfire,Dark Core
Created by onepiece

Aphelios Profile

Aphelios just came in so i decide to make a profile because im goig to play it a lot ! I will probably change it later on but i need to find what to do with is 22 ability ! Anyway hope you enjoy it and feel free to ask for any change you want or something lke that !

Jhin Profile

Since i love Jhin and he doesnt have a profile i thought that will be fun to do one so, here it is ! Hope you like it if you want any changes feel free to ask !


Sans Undertale?!?!?!? This is representing the 3rd attack that Sans performs during battle. The player's soul can be seen on the left and Sans' eye can be seen on the right side of the keyboard.