Sea of thieves

Blue, green and bit of gold colors

As usual i only share lighting effect, no personal action, EG, DPI, perf HID, notification or settings config' so if you are using a scimitar proRGB you may change dpi color by yourself.
More pics on corsair's forum.

Red / Green

Click to make the red keys go green.
It is a bit glitchy but should work.

Anthem key map and all javelin icons

Anthem javelin themed profile with main keymappings and storm, intercepter, ranger, colossus icon on the side

- Abilities
- Functions/Interactions

- Storm icon | Color: Purple
- Intercepter icon | Color: Green
- Ranger icon | Color: Yellow
- Colossus icon | Color: Red

Mouse: Scimitar
- Same color style

Includes out of suit style


Two profiles (animated and static) to celebrate Pewds' 9th Anniversary on April 29th. This profile features PewDiePie's signature wavy design, and a little animation to go with it. When you press any key the whole keyboard will fill red and there's white reactive ripples and a key gradient effect. Check out PewDiePie's channel if you haven't already at (Let's get to 100M subs bros!)

P.S. Credit to u/romanjohnMLG for the background picture: