Police Force (iCUE)

Police Force Effect (iCUE)

Compatible with iCUE and the following devices
•MM800 Mouse Pad
•All Demo Devices
•Corsair Commander Pro
•2x HD120 Fans
•6x Corsair LED Strip

²Disclaimer :
This profile may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. I am not responsible for any injuries or impacts on health caused by the viewing of this profile


This profile also supports the Scimitar as it uses the side number pad 1-9 for the numbers 1-9 for in game selection of weapons, for the engineers building, and for the spies cloaks, and anything else in-game that uses the numbers 1-9.

Rainbow 6 Siege OP Para Bellum

With Rainbow 6 Seige Op Para Bellum is coming soon, I decided to make a themed R6 profile! The profile has all keys color-coded and includes pre-bound actions for the Scimitar.

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Rainy days

Rain with on tap wind