Summoners Rift

Made a profile which uses the colour scheme from summoners rift. Teal/ light blue/ green. Added some nice effects for typing and full support for most corsair devices. Video posted doesn't do it justice.


Please follow my Instagram page: @tech_gc for more ideas and examples of my themes.
Overhauled these themes completely, to add a load more hardware, and flag options. Themes based on the flags and national colours of the following countries...
- England
- UK
- Canada
- Columbia
- France
- Japan
- Bangladesh
- Germany
- Brazil
- Jamaica
- India
- Netherlands
- Spain
- South Korea
- Italy
- Portugal
- Argentina
- Poland
- Singapore
- Malaysia
- Mexico

Red On Gold

A cool thing I made with Yellow and Red! It has a static Yellow background and cool Red effects across the keyboard, it also has a Red/Black Ripple effect.
I hope you enjoy!

Space Dreams

Beautiful blue and green for mouse and keyboard. Like my other but a little different.