RGB Profiles Re-Update/Fix (74 Profiles)

This package contains the first two packs in one and it also includes two new devices, the Dark Core Mouse and also the Z390-E Asus Motherboard (may or may not work for other motherboards too). I also fixed the issue with H100i Platinum not working and would like some confirmation of this in the comments please. I just want you guys to know that H100i Platinum SE and H115i Platinum are in their own category and will not work. Only the H100i Platinum should work. This is the last update package for this month. Starting next week I'll be focusing on creating some new profiles. This includes my specialty profiles that I make videos for and also some of the requested profiles that I'll stream being made live on Twitch in my studio. Thanks everyone.


Fast moving theme based around the color "Azure".

Corsair iCUE Actions - iCUE Tutorials Part Five

Part five of my tutorial series, In this video I cover actions.

World Of Warcraft (18 Profiles)

A collection of 18 wow profiles, Including one for each class.