Themed pink in honor of Fortnite. Contains 3 profiles: Streaks, Storm, and a keymap (not shown in the video)



This profile was part of a team project, you will see the name of a contributor next to each lighting effect. We had a lot of fun making this profile and hope you will all enjoy this!


Slow Aurora Wave

Based on Slow Mega Rainbow profile, but with aurora borealis like colour scheme. Subtle ripple effect on key press. Video of profile here https://vimeo.com/255818655


Full Spectrum

ayyy! I edited a thing!
Original profile made by "Schwitz"
original profile: https://lewisgerschwitz.com/profiles/Spectrum.zip
original website: https://lewisgerschwitz.com/corsair.html
original video: https://youtu.be/6CrBs8mSm3k
Schwitz' youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh8rVg8LjL6gi_sRyQ348vA

what I did:
I took all of the original profiles, and put them all on one keyboard for the ultimate Spectrum experience.

edit: changed the "Corrosive" part to be less noisy (deleted "number wave" and "wave 6.0")