Electric Colors

Modified my older profile called "Electricity". Many improvements as well as a color picker.


Water themed

Soft changing gradiant on all keys, constant large ripples. Smaller ripples on normal and number keys. White WASD and option for white QWERDF in lighting effects. Caps lock, scroll lock and mute button turns red when pressed.


Rainbow drops

Ranbow ripple on normal and number keys, the effect travels for two keys before stopping, rainbow gradiant on all keys but WASD. There is also the option for white QWERDF. The function keys and special keys gradiant in not in sync with eachother or the normal keys. Caps, scroll lock and the mute button turns red when activated.



This is a collection of 5 Halloween themed profiles. One of which is exclusive to my Patreon supporters called 'Slime' but the other four are public. If you would like to support and unlock awesome bonus content, you can check it out here: https://www.patreon.com/AlexKrastev


Hi, could you make a Halloweeny RGB Profile?