Northern Lights

Profile meant to simulate the northern lights. Complete with meteors and changing gradient keys.

Full Spectrum

ayyy! I edited a thing!
Original profile made by "Schwitz"
original profile:
original website:
original video:
Schwitz' youtube channel:

what I did:
I took all of the original profiles, and put them all on one keyboard for the ultimate Spectrum experience.

edit: changed the "Corrosive" part to be less noisy (deleted "number wave" and "wave 6.0")

Super Nova

A modified version of Lewis Gerschwitz's Far Cry 5 Night Profile, merged with Lewis Gerschwitz's Far Cry 5 Explosion Profile.These two merged profiles will create a sunset along the lower keys, and a star-filled sky on the upper keys. Typing will create a flash of white, yellow, orange and red, with a delayed Super Nova explosion on each key pressed. The sunset colours are also reflected on one's mouse, headphones and headphone stand.Random timings of a Super Nova explosion will be experienced on LL 120 or LL 140 fans.Lighting Strips will flicker now and again in white, meant to be the distant sparkle of stars.All credit to Lewis Gerschwitz for two wonderful profiles, modified and merged to create Super Nova!

Stranger Things Color Pack (9 Profiles) (Exclusive)

A color pack for my stranger things profile, called "Stranger Streaks". This is an exclusive profile pack for the people that help support my development with donations. All future color packs will remain as Patreon Exclusive. Thanks, everyone!