A flashy green profile themed for me, by me, however you might like this yourself, too!

COD Dark Matter Camo (Blue and Purple Theme)

Dark Matter, possibly one of the hardest camos to unlock in Call of Duty.

This profile is theme'd off from the camo "Dark Matter" from Call of Duty.

Blue and Purple flashing at you.

This was designed and created on a Corsair RGB Strafe, it may work with other keyboards, you may need to configure it to set with your keyboard!


A profile resembling iron, silver and gold.

Overwatch - Mercy

Current features:
1)GA animation and cooldown (on key and on top left)
2)Resurrect animation and cooldown (on key and on top right)
3)Ult animations
4)Team chat and all chat profiles

Changing profiles on the fly takes a bit of time which delays some effects and all cooldown data is lost whenever a profile switch happens. Therefore if you resurrect and then ult in less than 15 seconds, your resurrect cooldown effect will be inaccurate for a few seconds after the ult ends.
Even considering these caveats, I think the profile captures the Mercy feeling pretty well.

Wings animation is borrowed from another profile: