Northern Lights

(This profile is an edit of Alex Krastev's Retro Collection:
Northern lights inside your PC!

Pulsating Magma

Relaxing orange-yellow profile that has 3 zones, each pulsating separately. Also features red reactive typing.

Static Retro Temps

So i updated this profile by PlasmaPod (, that i loved to use on my K70 that my gf destroyed with a bottle of beer. I did nothing but add a temperature effect at the top with the corresponding colours taken from the profile.

Please note that my temp ranges are based on my Ryzen 5 1600X and that you need to adjust them, to fit your needs (or monitor the GPU or whatever you like)

Lets bring back this beautiful profile!

Sparkling Nebula Galaxy

Nebula Galaxy inspired with purples blues and greens.. (K95 Plat)
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