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Dark Matter

A dark and mysterious profile.


"I would like to see a dark matter effect similar to this: https://youtu.be/PS06fFvWUQo?t=14 , but for all corsair devices. Love your vids!"

"I would love to see a dark matter profile like https://youtu.be/PS06fFvWUQo?t=27 this one, the download in this video does not work. So i was hoping you guys could make one."


A simple profile for Valorant.

200 RGB Profiles + New Mass Importing Method

I am so excited to announce this new update package with a total of 200 RGB Profiles. I've made it possible to mass import my profiles easier than ever before with all icons and backgrounds included, no extra software is required. Watch the video to learn how it works. Thank you all for your continued support on Patreon and I hope to see you onboard for many more awesome releases coming soon!