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iCUE Profiles Collection Updated August 2023

42 RGB profiles have been updated to work on almost all Corsair products. This collection of Corsair profiles includes LCD GIFS, Nexus GIFS, and Streamdeck backgrounds. The latest update to this collection in August 2023 fixes the problem with the Elite Capellix LCD ring not lighting up correctly.

RGBeat Corsair Audio Visualizer Updated August 2023

A Corsair audio visualizer with tons of settings. Updated August 2023.

Destiny 2 Keymap + Extra Theme

"Something that highlights all keys used as well. With destiny 2 theme Please and thank you"

Outer Space

For all the wanna-be astronauts out there!



Hi, I'm co-owner of For Gamers From Gamers, You did a STALKER profile for me a long time ago :D I would like to get the FG2 logo as a profile, very similar to the "80s retro" or vaporwave if possible. It looks like this If you could make something like our logo as the majority of the keyboard, then maybe a outrun/techno/retro blue/purple outline that runs around it in maybe a snakelike rectangle that chases itself, that would be great! Something like this, or if you think of improvements or additions that's great. You do awesome work I know it will be great. And thanks again.

Corsair iCUE Actions - iCUE Tutorials Part Five

Part five of my tutorial series, In this video I cover actions.