iCUE 4 Remastered Profiles Collection

15 of my top themes have been redesigned to look 100% better across all internal components and many other devices. In addition to that. These 15 profiles are guaranteed to work flawlessly on almost all Corsair gear.

Additional Information: These remastered profiles are available only to my Patreon supporters that make my work possible but you can still grab the old versions of all of the profiles 100% free. Use the search bar on the website and search for each theme seen in the video to get the old files. Any remastered profiles will stay Patreon exclusive.

RGBeat | Corsair Audio Visualizer

A Corsair audio visualizer with tons of settings.

Original iCUE Profiles Collection

This is all 361 of my original iCUE 3 and 4 rgb profiles condensed into one download for my Patreon supporters. All of this content is also free on my website but it would require that you download the files one by one. By supporting me on Patreon you fuel future development and also save yourself a ton of time downloading my themes and importing them as this package also includes CUEFOLDERS that lets you import all of these themes into iCUE super easily.


SignalRGB is a FREE revolutionary RGB platform enabling control of your entire multi-brand hardware setup in one application, featuring deep custom reactive effects and endless content. Close your old programs and experience fast, seamless performance with synced lighting rippled across your whole rig.

Polish Flag


Can you do a flag of Poland which has cool effects when a certain key is pressed, that will be appreciated, thanks. Its for my K68 keyboard My Discord @ is Drago#0745 (Im on your discord server already)

Maive Paladins Keymap

A Paladins theme. The Keys I usee are WASD, SHIFT, and R ifd you can do stuff like that, and if you can two profiles. One is a character called Maeve (If you can make this one the most detailed one.) Then the lasst one is a character named Ying. Below I will post Links to Maeve an Ying pictures. (Maeve) Now Ying

Doki Doki


Bright Pink Heart in the middle with black and purple 'glitches'pulsing at random leading away from the heart as the heart itself pulses. K68 keyboard


A fast moving green theme, observe radioactivity without the real dangers of radioactivity.