iCUE 4 Remastered Profiles Collection (AUGUST 2022)

35 of my themes have been updated to work on all the latest Corsair products and many of them have visual improvements across all internal components and other devices. In addition to that. This collection includes LCD GIFS, Nexus GIFS, and Streamdeck background.

RGBeat | Corsair Audio Visualizer

A Corsair audio visualizer with tons of settings.

Original iCUE Profiles Collection

This is all 361 of my original iCUE 3 and 4 rgb profiles condensed into one download for my Patreon supporters. All of this content is also free on my website but it would require that you download the files one by one. By supporting me on Patreon you fuel future development and also save yourself a ton of time downloading my themes and importing them as this package also includes CUEFOLDERS that lets you import all of these themes into iCUE super easily.


SignalRGB has game integrations and hundreds of the most popular RGB effects built in. Even if you have all of your hardware synced as one brand already, SignalRGB still provides more customization and built in effects than any traditional RGB applications such as iCUE or Synapse.



"Is there any possible way to recreate the glowing lights shown in the first 4 seconds of this episode from Clannad (Link not available anymore) for the K95RGB? It would be much appreciated."



"I think... maybe like a centered illuminati pyramid , glowing, with some dark background around it (like some random flashes of thunder around), I think you have room from spacebar up to f5 something like that."



"I am looking for a freeze/ice inspired profile. I was thinking of something resembling a snowstorm raging over my keyboard and ice 'forming'around the keys I press. All the while keeping a clean and organized look. It would be amazing if you could do this for me! Keyboard: K95 with US-International Lay-out"

GTA 5 Keymap


"I just want some police-esque flashing lights on the esc through F12 keys and the general, movement, and combat sections in this link: anything you think would look cool is welcomed! I really like your work! :)"