RGBeat Corsair Audio Visualizer Updated August 2023

A Corsair audio visualizer with tons of settings and color presets.
Updated August 2023.

40+ Updated iCUE Profiles Package (November 2023)

A collection of 40+ premium RGB profiles for Corsair iCUE. These Corsair iCUE profiles were updated in November 2023 and support almost every Corsair RGB device including the new Corsair iCUE Link devices. This collection includes LCD GIFS, Nexus GIFS, Stream Deck backgrounds and icons and backgrounds for the profiles in iCUE.



"Butterfly flapping its wings."



"Any chance you could make a horizontal scrolling Wisconsin logo?"

Red Heartbeat


"Hey all, anyone able to create a heartbeat effect in red?"

Rainbow Ripple


"Hi! Could you make a Rainbow Ripple? I can't seem to find one, want it to do the rainbow wave, Thanks a lot, man!"