Request:Hello. I have a custom profile request for the K95 RGB if you have the time. I'm an ex-professional gamer (Rainbow Six: Siege - PC - North America) and I'd really like to have a custom theme for an upcoming LAN event in Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the 2018 Rainbow Six Siege Invitational. I no longer game professionally, however my old teammates still do and they recently got picked up by a major organization: Evil Geniuses. If possible, I'd like a theme based either on the Evil Geniuses logo/color scheme, or if not feasible (I doubt a keyboard is enough "pixels" to be able to recreate the EG logo), then I'd love to see if you could incorporate the EG color scheme and my best friend's in-game name which is 'nvK'. I'm not sure yet (waiting on confirmation) whether or not they'll be using their own keyboards for this LAN event (nvK uses the K95 RGB) or if they'll be contractually obligated to use a different keyboard from one of their several sponsors. If they are allowed to use their own keyboards, it'll be seen by tens of thousands of people watching the event on Twitch and YouTube and I'll be sure to give your website out to everyone who mentions it during the event. Even if they aren't able to use it during the invitational, nvK is a partnered Twitch streamer with thousands of followers/subscribers on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter. He'd love the custom theme and would be sharing it on all his social media I'm sure. The invitational takes place Feb 16-18 so IF you're able to get to this before then that'd be amazing, but even if not I'd still love to have one made whenever you have the time. Here are a few links to relevant website that'll hopefully give you enough to work off of to come up with whatever creative idea you have in mind: I'm more than happy to donate $20 minimum if you can come up with something great. I'm gonna go ahead and throw you $10 now to show my interest and if you're able to deliver I'll throw you the rest of it as well as promote the hell out of your website for your time and work. Thanks, dude!)

Devices supported

  • K65,
  • K68/K70,
  • K95,
  • K95 Plat,
  • Strafe,
  • Mouse,
  • Polaris,
  • Headset,
  • ST100,
  • LL Fans,
  • HD Fans,
  • HydroX,
  • ML Fans,
  • Vengeance Pro Ram,
  • Strips,
  • K55,
  • Spec Omega

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Created By

Alex Krastev