Hello, This is the Link to the thread that had the DayZ SA Profile: Here is a video demonstrating the different features. Any help on this would be great! This looks like a perfect profile for me. If anyone could help I would be greatly appreciated! I'm not sure if this profile needs to be redesigned or what, but I am open to ideas. I just don't know how to do it myself. USA Keyboard Layout Corsair Gaming K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE Mechanical Keyboard, Backlit RGB LED, Cherry MX RGB Speed Features: Tab Key: Inventory 0-9 Keys: Toolbelt Items (Selection toggle) WASD Keys: W-Forwards, A-Left, S-Backwards, D-Right ZXCV Keys: Z-Prone, X-Crouch, C-Stand,V-Vault/Jump Caps Lock and Left Windows Button Keys: Voice Chat Spacebar Key: Fighting Position(Raise hands/gun) Shift Key: Run CTRL Key: Slow Walk Alt Key: Free Look Q and E Keys: Lean Left and Right R Key: Reload F Key: Interact/Use G Key: Throw Item in hands T Key: Toggle Weapon(full auto/semi) / Key: Text Chat Page Up/Page Down Key: Zeroing F1-F11 Keys: Gestures F1-Wave F2-Hands-up/Surrender F3-Sit Down F4-Middle Finger(Taunt) F5-Clap Hands F6-Point Finger in a Direction F7-Thumbs Up F8-FacePalm F9-Shhhhh!(Finger over mouth to be quiet) F10-Slice Throat(Taunt) F11-Suicide F12-Screen Shot NumPad 1-9: Look around I added some extra keys into the features. If you could possibly do something like the video has that would be awesome! Then the other keys that don't have features if you could make them a generic color like Blue/Red/Green/or White. That would be nice just so the other keys are lit up. If you have any questions, just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. [email protected] Thanks!

Devices supported

  • K65,
  • K68/K70,
  • K95,
  • K95 Plat,
  • Strafe,
  • Mouse,
  • Polaris,
  • Headset,
  • ST100,
  • LL Fans,
  • HD Fans,
  • HydroX,
  • ML Fans,
  • Vengeance Pro Ram,
  • Strips,
  • K55,
  • Spec Omega,
  • Dominator Plat Ram

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Created By

Alex Krastev