Something revolving around the Crimson Omen. I like how it has this "lightbulb is about to blow out" type of flashing. Something red and gritty and dark. Here's a YT video of the main menu from Gears 2 for some visuals My hardware is the LL fans, RAM, ST100, Polaris, and K95Plat

Devices supported

  • K65,
  • K68/K70,
  • K95,
  • K95 Plat,
  • Strafe,
  • Mouse,
  • Polaris,
  • Headset,
  • ST100,
  • LL Fans,
  • HD Fans,
  • HydroX,
  • ML Fans,
  • Vengeance Pro Ram,
  • Strips,
  • K55,
  • Spec Omega,
  • Dominator Plat Ram

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Created By

Alex Krastev