League of Legends - Kindred Jungle

This is a profile with ability animations for Kindred Jungle. Each ability is animated, D is animated for flash and F is animated for Smite.

League of Legends - General League layout

This is a general layout for League of Legends with simple, subtle animations. On R, the top lightbar has a gentle red gradient. On B, a small ripple plays into an 8 second blue pulse for duration of going B. The tenkey has a League logo.

BossDoc's Multi

It has both advanced which i use when i am afk and standard lighting with blue color and a small change when keys are pressed it also has a macro to change profile in F12

Check it out

Mass Effect Profile

A Mass Effect profile for your CUE! All keys used in-game are highlighted in Objective Orange, the top layer of keys and Number Pad alternate between a Paragon Blue and a Renegade Red, refreshed by a Normandy White wave. CUE compatible mice also alternate red and blue, while CUE compatible headphones slowly breathe whichever color you are most compatible with. The Reapers are out there, Shepherd...are you equipped to deal with them?