Full Spiral Rainow

I love how the spiral rainbow effect makes my aio and RAM make a synced spiral, so I added it to my fans and strips. I set it up using a simple gradient with 12 steps, each incrementing rgb values (255 0 0 255 123 0 255 255 etc.), so it should be easy to add to your other devices if a tad time consuming as you need to create a different gradient for each, then do the timings and different colors (best way is to duplicate a gradient with white and 12 sections, then rather the clearing the whole thing replace with either 0 or 123, if that's too hard i can add your device.. Icue is being a bit buggy for me rn so feel free to tell me if something is broken.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Keyboard profile for Immortal Fenix Rising
Grass under wind and sky with clouds.
Keys "1","2","3","4" for potions.
Typhon will come if you abuse taping :)

Tree of Life

The Tree Grows as the day turns to night the leaves change color. - K95 platinum

Miami nights 1984

this brings you back to 1984