Cyberpunk 2077

Yellow and blue with a little red rolling through.

Ricky Bobby Baby

RPM tach with a red shift light. For Badger.

Hell Let Loose - Camo Profile w/ Keyboard Controls

Camo profile for Hell let loose. G2-G6 macro keys show the Hell Let Loose Default Keyboard controls for 30 seconds when pressed. K95 platinum.

Full Spiral Rainow

I love how the spiral rainbow effect makes my aio and RAM make a synced spiral, so I added it to my fans and strips. I set it up using a simple gradient with 12 steps, each incrementing rgb values (255 0 0 255 123 0 255 255 etc.), so it should be easy to add to your other devices if a tad time consuming as you need to create a different gradient for each, then do the timings and different colors (best way is to duplicate a gradient with white and 12 sections, then rather the clearing the whole thing replace with either 0 or 123, if that's too hard i can add your device.. Icue is being a bit buggy for me rn so feel free to tell me if something is broken.