$12,000 PC Build Video (Press Download To Watch)

Hey guys, First off. Thanks so much for the support in my RGB Profile adventure!
October was a slow month for RGB Profiles and you guys are still sticking around and I really appreciate that. I've partnered with someone to change my YouTube channel into more than just RGB Profiles and that is why I've been inactive in the RGB Profiles. We're going to be doing SICK PC BUILDS and other PC videos alike! What does this mean for the RGB Profiles? Well, great news actually, Instead of wasting my time making fancy videos for RGB Profiles, I'll just create RGB Profiles and upload them to the site like usual without a video! This means I can push out WAY more rgb profile content. My channel has been converted from my name "Alex Krastev", to "NextGen" which is more fitting of a channel doing hardware videos (or at least we think so). Hope you guys stick around for this as well as my RGB Profiles, I'm excited as this is what I've wanted my channel to be for a while! Here is our first video, go easy on us!

If the video gets 1000 likes on YouTube, we'll giveaway a full gaming PC.

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Fast moving theme based around the color "Azure".

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