Demon Hunter


Hey Alex, I would like to make a request for an amazing Demon Hunter RGB Profile for my Mouse (Scimitar), Keyboard (K95 Platinum), and Pad (MM800 Polaris). I would like it to use the class color (#A330C9) as a base point and proceed from there. With ripple effects, random keys lighting brighter or darker when static, and specific key press effects if possible. An example of a specific key press effect would be when pressing the 4 key, i would love for the entire keyboard to go dark and then have a beam of green shooting across the keyboard for 2 secs. This would mimic an eye-beam spell being cast. Also when Shift + 1 is pressed I would love for the keyboard to go dark again and have a ripple effect shooting out from the center of the keyboard in green as well. As if something smashed down dead center and caused an earthquake like effect. To give you a more accurate depiction of what those two spells look like: Eye-Beam: MetaMorhposis(Earthquake effect Request): If specific key press effects are not possible then I would still like a generic rgb profile with some amazing effects to showcase the feeling of playing on a WoW Demon Hunter. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Steven Universe RGB Profiles V2.6

Updated with Ruby and Sapphire! Diamonds coming soon!


Put on your gas mask!

RGB Seamless Rainbow Pulse

Concentric Rainbow pulse from the H key.