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We are giving away this fully decked out Corsair Gaming PC. All we ask is that you share our channel, help us spread the word so we can hit 1 million subscribers. When we hit our goal, we will pick and publicly announce a winner on a live YouTube feed. Good luck!



i saw that you did a profile with the scrolling Wisconsin and i was wondering if you can make that but with Michigan and blue and yellow

Arma 3 Camoflauge


ARMA 3 - Keyboard lighting for infantry as recommended Default controls colour coded PUBG Keyboard Lighting for default controls colour coded I based my donation on your estimated time say 1hour = 15$ US . I am In Australia which is 22AUD$ Thank you

COD Modern Warfare 2019


I would love a profile for the new cod game. I have almost everything in my computer with corsair rgb hardware. (only my keyboard is not from corsair) I don´t really expect anything specific so just have fun with this order. (;