Red On Gold

A cool thing I made with Yellow and Red! It has a static Yellow background and cool Red effects across the keyboard, it also has a Red/Black Ripple effect.
I hope you enjoy!


Modified KrazyKids: Credit to Electricity Color Pack.

Color Overload.

Images all made by me, if you want large resolutions versions LMK.

I've only tested only on K70 LUX, Glaive, MM800.


Two different wave effects coming from the left with a subtle trail gradient underneath one of them, a Gradient effect from blue to yellow then back to blue on the Corsair logo and media keys and a sparking ripple effect that repeats twice, personally this is one of my best profiles yet.

Metal Gear Solid

This Profile has the colors Yellow Black and Red It has flashing lights which are supposed to represent gunshots and muzzle flashes