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40 iCUE Profiles Package 2024

A collection of 40 premium Corsair RGB profiles for Corsair iCUE. These Corsair iCUE profiles were updated in 2024 and support almost every Corsair RGB device including the new Corsair iCUE Link devices. This collection includes LCD GIFS, Nexus GIFS, Stream Deck backgrounds and icons and backgrounds for the profiles in iCUE.

RGBeat Corsair Audio Visualizer Updated August 2023

A Corsair audio visualizer with tons of settings and color presets.
Updated August 2023.

Customizable Rainbow Waves


Hello, i would really like an advanced vertical rainbow as the default one but also if available to be able to customize the speed and direction and with a subtle gradient effect if possible :) Thanks

COD WW2 Keymap

Please can you make a Call of Duty WWII profile for K65 Rapidfire? Preferably with highlighted keys for things like WASD. But don't make it too over the top... i like minimalistic :D (but with a bit of action on it)

Subtle is beautiful 3.0

Accidentally deleted this, the request was something along the lines of making Subtle is beautiful 2.1 support all devices.

Killing Floor 2 Keymap


"Hello krazykid thanks for doing all these profiles. I was wondering if you can make a profile for Killing Floor 2."