40 iCUE Profiles Package 2024

A collection of 40 premium Corsair RGB profiles for Corsair iCUE. These Corsair iCUE profiles were updated in 2024 and support almost every Corsair RGB device including the new Corsair iCUE Link devices. This collection includes LCD GIFS, Nexus GIFS, Stream Deck backgrounds and icons and backgrounds for the profiles in iCUE.


I'm replacing this old website with my new website 'rgbprofiles.com' which is where you will see all of my new content from now on. I have also organized all of the free content on the new website to make it easier for everyone to find it.

Orange Breath


"I was wondering if I could have a pulsing or breathing orange lighting profile same orange as ASUS Strix keyboard, and witth he keys reacting to typing like the heat map keys?"

Mother's Day


"Hey , I was just wondering if you could do something for mothers day because I'm getting the k70 rgb keyboard for her and want to a have a special profile. if you could make it say "happy mothers day" in pink the fade ro "we love you" in purple the fade back constantly changing. Thank you! If the quotes don't fit then can you have one word fade to another completing the cycle. Your work is awesome by the way!"

Long Key Press


"Hey man, just got my K70 RGB in today, and I'm looking for something. What i want is for when you're actually typing on the keyboard to have a white type lighting effect, so each key press turns white, then after some time (10 minutes or so?) where the keyboard haven't been used i want it to change to a subtle but cool and "wowing" effect, then when you start using it again, it switches back to the key lighting."



"Osu! profile, i would really like to have a more reactive one (i use x and y) it would be really cool, if maybe the right part has an effect, while x is pressed and the middle part, when y is pressed feel free to choose colours and a background"