40 iCUE Profiles Package 2024

A collection of 40 premium Corsair RGB profiles for Corsair iCUE. These Corsair iCUE profiles were updated in 2024 and support almost every Corsair RGB device including the new Corsair iCUE Link devices. This collection includes LCD GIFS, Nexus GIFS, Stream Deck backgrounds and icons and backgrounds for the profiles in iCUE.


I'm replacing this old website with my new website 'rgbprofiles.com' which is where you will see all of my new content from now on. I have also organized all of the free content on the new website to make it easier for everyone to find it.

Team Fortress 2


"Hey, could you make a Team Fortress 2 profile plz :3."



"I was wondering if you could make a profile that matches the timing of the pulses of the Razer Deathadder 2013. I think I found the correct "Razor Green" which is B: 71 G: 225 R: 12. I just can't get the timing right on the pulses so I can sync it with my mouse."

White To Red On Tap


""Do have a small request for a profile. I really like my current profile which is just a completely solid white lighting. Recently you made a blue/white reactive profile for somebody else which I quite like. I would love to get that in reverse with all the keys white and reacting into red upon key press."

Killing Floor 2 Keymap


"Hello krazykid thanks for doing all these profiles. I was wondering if you can make a profile for Killing Floor 2."