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c0wg0d Minecraft Hey Alex, I would love for you to make several Minecra... $ 250.00 Completed
ElfMatrixed 80s Retro Theme I am digging the 80s theme right now, basic use colors l... $ 120.00 Completed
se7enfold Neon Sunset Goal: The ultimate 80's, cyberpunk, outrun, neon sunset f... $ 100.00 Completed
ciphertx Artistic freedom I have a k70 lux, 6 ML120 RGB fans, 4 Corsair RGB strips ... $ 50.00 Completed
jake13smith Darth Vader Honestly, I have so many ideas, i am not sure what to say... $ 50.00 In Progress
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GwenThe37 Weaponized 115, Pack-a-punched, Zombies Since Cold war just came out I was wondering if you would... Free $ 0.00 Pending
Wile E Coyote Corsair Link Rainbow Wave for ICUE In Corsair Link. If you have the LL120 set. There is that... Donation $ 10.00 In Progress
rmbonghanoy Lenovo Legion 7i (DON'T OWN THIS LAPTOP) Can you please create profiles fo... Donation $ 10.00 Declined
SquirrlyPatriot Bloodflow High I'm about to make a build in the 570X Case, I'll hav... Free $ 0.00 Pending
QuintenVdM Cross-Air Hello Alex, After seeing multiple of your creations of ... Free $ 0.00 Pending
4DaBoiz Red Robin Color scheme of Red Robin (New 52). Red, yellow, and black. Free $ 0.00 Pending
zosokla trans pride could you do like a trans pride profile? that is a part o... Donation $ 50.00 In Progress
LightGryphon Marble gold Sup I've been using your profiles and thought I shall fin... Free $ 0.00 Pending
Holyvision Updated Star Citizen Profile (v3.11+) 2 options:1) Star Citizen is starting to change more and ... Free $ 0.00 Pending
MROOD Void dark matter or doom in red blue orange for all devices on corsair when u press there is a buzz on just the KB and mouse and... Free $ 0.00 Pending