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c0wg0d Minecraft Hey Alex, I would love for you to make several Minecra... $ 250.00 Completed
ElfMatrixed 80s Retro Theme I am digging the 80s theme right now, basic use colors l... $ 120.00 Completed
se7enfold Neon Sunset Goal: The ultimate 80's, cyberpunk, outrun, neon sunset f... $ 100.00 Completed
R1Maniac The best color combo (in my eyes) Hello, i have a K95 Plat, Void pro headset, 5 Corsair Fan... $ 50.00 In Progress
ciphertx Artistic freedom I have a k70 lux, 6 ML120 RGB fans, 4 Corsair RGB strips ... $ 50.00 Completed
Requested By Name Description Request Type Value Status Actions
omietka156 CS:GO fade profile i was wondering if you could make anything like this but ... Free $ 0.00 Pending
SelfishSal Sorry about last request. i forgot the put the link to the picture Can you make it like the keyboard in this twitter link? ... Free $ 0.00 Completed
SelfishSal Multicolor Profile Just the colors of the keyboard in the picture Free $ 0.00 Completed
Smok3y Sunset Very similar to the completed Neon Sunset Free $ 0.00 Completed
MonzterChaz NewBlood Something New Blood Interactive themed. If you can get th... Free $ 0.00 Pending
Ebato a witcher themed layout hey, could you make a sort of witcher themed layout, whe... Free $ 0.00 Pending
jkb Ableton 10 live profile I would like to have a profile for Ableton live 10 Where ... Free $ 0.00 Pending
gellerbing Pink and white static profile Hi can you create a static profile with a pink and white ... Free $ 0.00 Pending
SoloDoloXyz thunderstorm I would like a storm profile compatible with my corsair... Free $ 0.00 Completed
Eredelis A profile for the game Thief(2014) Ho... Donation $ 25.00 Completed