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ElfMatrixed 80s Retro Theme I am digging the 80s theme right now, basic use colors l... $ 120.00 Completed
se7enfold Neon Sunset Goal: The ultimate 80's, cyberpunk, outrun, neon sunset f... $ 100.00 Completed
MyWh1teRabb1t World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Request Hey Alex, I would like to make a request for an amazing D... $ 50.00 Completed
ciphertx Artistic freedom I have a k70 lux, 6 ML120 RGB fans, 4 Corsair RGB strips ... $ 50.00 Completed
Todd_bog Detroit redwings Detroit redwings request. 1000d case with ll fans and 4 l... $ 50.00 Completed
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AsianHonor BackLight I really like the Blue 148 #000094 color, and I just want... Free $ 0.00 Completed
the professor Israel flag Hey Alex, I would like to make a request for an Israel fl... Free $ 0.00 Completed
MrJoker Joker ANyway you can somehow do the joker? Like maybe do the co... Free $ 0.00 Completed
Seige Nautilus, Neeko, Jarvan Is it possible for you to make profiles for these league ... Free $ 0.00 Pending
Erreew Hunt: Showdown Can you make a K70 Profile for the game Hunt: Showdown? S... Free $ 0.00 Pending
rengarsafari Crash Bandicoot Theme I am looking for something that envisions Crash Bandicoot... Free $ 0.00 Pending
LooseRealityInc Loose Reality Inc Could you make a scrolling word effect for me? I have bee... Donation $ 6.00 Completed
Goat Flash and Dash (SEND ME A VIDEO LINK) Can you do a profile on the Flash ... Free $ 0.00 Declined
JM5042 Nebula Hey Alex, I recently built my first pc and it's full of c... Free $ 0.00 Completed
Truthful Cherry Berry Pink and Purple Can you make the Fortnite Spiral into the colours from Ch... Free $ 0.00 Pending