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RGBeat | Corsair Audio Visualizer

An advanced and up to date audio visualizer for Corsair RGB devices.

EMP Wakeup

"Can you make a profile similar to the EMP one in the hall of fame, but instead of going to black, changing to some other color? Also, if it could stay that other color for a minute or so, that would be ideal. The idea is, I want my keyboard to have a pattern going when I'm not using it, or when my screensaver is up, but when I press a key it "wakes up" to a solid white or blue. Thanks!"

Warframe Keymap


"Can you make a profile for Warframe? Pressing Shift would make the numpad going from bottom to top in a yellow like lighting up in a ripple , from bottom to top, Pressing Ctrl would make the numpad do the oposite and go from top to bottom in a yellow light these two signaling crouch and sprint. Or pressing E , melee would make the keyboard do a small red flash all over the keyboard , signaling melee attack. Or pressing X , meaning hacking mainly , would do like a yellow loading sign on the numpad , a 2 key loading going around , 21-14-47-78-89-96-63 for 5 seconds estimated time of a hacking."

Red Breath


"i think i would be awesome if you could make a breathing effect in red. kinda like the red razer naga."

Green Lantern


"Hey man your work is really awesome i justr got my KB today and already got almost all your profiles, i really would love a green lantern based one with like the logo in centerr and numpad and a swift riple from the center of the ring with every typing and if it would be posible do the same with all the 7 rings and logos but gjust green would be awesome"