Gradients (9 Profiles)

A set of 9 static gradients carefully handcrafted across all iCUE devices. This is for people who like subtle non-moving profiles.

Waves Color Pack (Exclusive)

A color pack for waves. Exclusive to my Patreon supporters like all other color packs. Thanks for all the support!


Hi Alex, Could you please make a keyboard theme for the game "Satisfactory" ? It's basically a Factorio like game so maybe something in the color theme of the game (silver / orange kinda like this and an animation that reminds the conveyers ? It would be awesome <3 Thanks and sorry for my bad english !

Ghost Recon Keymap

Part list: K95 Platinum Dark Pro RGB CORSAIR RGB Mousepad CORSAIR RGB Headset Stand LL120 x 5 Lighting Strip x 4 I was wanting like an interactive profile. Like a simple animation effect on the keyboard and such when you reload, switch weapons, use night vision/thermal, grenade, crouch and prone effects, drone use, etc.