Hi, first off I would like to say that I love your work, its really amazing art. Right now I am really looking for a few hacker/cyber security profiles. It would consist of the matrix, binary code, cyber security icons, in red, green, blue colors or whatever you think is best for this type of project. It would be even more awesome if it included type activated effects , such as simple type-to-change-color or unique designs you can come up with: profiles simple enough for everyday use or artistic ones. If you google search images 'cyber security' or 'hacker' you would get a clear idea of what I'm talking about. I'll love you forever if you can do this for me!

Entire Profile Collection (642 Profiles) (Exclusive)

An update to my full profile collection, I have updated all of the profiles on my website to support Dominator Platinum RGB Ram. Thanks to the support from everyone on Patreon, Couldn't have had the motivation to do it without you guys!

Marvel Universe (12 Profiles)

The ultimate collection of Marvel Universe themed profiles. RIP Stan Lee, You will be missed!

Heart Monitor

Heart is in the middle of the keyboard then a line going through the heart and spikes every now and then. Before you do all this I would like to contact you over discord because I have a picture of the original one and I would like for you to make it better. You can find me on your discord TheLegend69 #7134. Thank you.