Green Purple Wave


Hello, If you have spare time can you please make a profile with a static green (based on hex 39ff14) with a cool wave of purple (based on hex 4400ff). Thank you for your time.

Subtle is beautiful 3.0

Accidentally deleted this, the request was something along the lines of making Subtle is beautiful 2.1 support all devices.

Resident Evil Keymap

I am a very big fan of Resident Evil saga. So, considering the new release of Resident Evil 2 Remake would be great to make a profile. Specifications: - Keys can't be lighted off 100%. - Main color is red and white. - You can make two profiles like: 'w', 'a', 's', 'd' distinguished with another color (like blue, Leon's cloth color, pink Claire's cloth color), and another profile without that feature for those people who wants to play with a controller. - A mix of red and white colors blinking in the keyboard like a rain or something similar (biohazard, virus, etc) - F key row like scaner effect with red and white color. - Any idea you consider great. Is there any chance to code a profile to detect the health status of the game? or is that impossible?

United States Flag

It doesn't have to be waving and I know this is for free but I'm really bad at making profiles. I really wanted a red, white, and blue theme for my pc and a U.S.A flag would be perfect for the theme I'm going for. Also, I love the rest of your profiles. Your work is amazing! (I mainly want the flag for a k95 rgb platinum please)