Detroit Redwings


Detroit redwings request. 1000d case with ll fans and 4 light strips. K95 plat keyboard, m65 mouse, h115 plat keyboard, and h115 plat cooler.

Loose Reality Inc Scrolling Text

Created during this twitch stream:


Could you make a scrolling word effect for me? I have been trying to do it myself but i just am no good at this! "Loose Reality Inc" or "A Loose Reality Inc" or just " A Loose Reality" If possible with uppercase and lowercase to appease my god awful OCD? The background colors can shift, pulsate whatever you think is best or works best with scrolling letters like that, so long as the test letters are red, everything else is up to you, and is for my own personal business I started as a kid in 1997, and have been working for ever since, I am DYING for a cool effect like this, is it possible or just too much to scroll?

Corsair iCUE Waves & Ripples - iCUE Tutorials Part Four

Part four of my tutorial series, In this video I cover waves and ripples. And some tips and tricks to use them.

Mass Importing iCUE Profiles *UPDATE*

This software allows you to import hundreds of profiles with their icons and backgrounds in a single click! No more importing profiles one by one through icue. This is a Patreon exclusive item.