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Left Hand Visor


i have the k70 lux rgb and the mm800 rgb mouse mat, i want to use the VISOR lighting effect but it only works if the keyboard is on the left but mine is on the right, so i just need the visor but switched around, hope you can help me bud thanks for your time


Heat Map


I'm using a K70 RGB Lux. I would like the keys to start off with a dim white/gray light by default (enough to show it's on). Then, when you push a key, I would like to see it light up dark blue and then transition to "hotter" colors the more you press that key. Ideally, I would like to see the key hold that color for a few seconds while it transitions back to the previous colors over a gradient as it slowly undoes the progression is just completed. At the end, the key would revert back to its original dim white/gray color. This would effectively show a heat map of your keys that lasts for a few seconds and then fades to cooler colors as you stop typing. The colors I would personally are these in this order: blue -> green -> yellow -> orange -> red Transitions between each color would really tie the whole thing together. Thanks in advance!