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Just a Chill not bright Profile

Just a Chill not bright Profile


Space Engineers

Simple RGB profile for Space Engineers default keyboard layout.



Red, green and yellow theme, rastafari also match for a crash bandicoot theme, see more pics on corsair official forum.
Supported devices/component:
-Lighting node pro: (for commander pro user, you need to copy all effects from node pro to library and paste it into commander pro lighting effect)
•canal1: HD Fans (5fans 120mm)
•canal2: Leds strip (4strips)
-ram vengeance rgb pro ( set brightness at mid-capacity in icue settings and turn software control on)
-Void pro rgb (mine is usb but i dont think this is important)
-ST100 stand for headphone
-mm800 polaris rgb
-scimitar rgb pro (you need to change dpi color by yourself)
-strafe rgb mk.2