iCUE League of Legends Integration (Patreon Exclusive)

This program will link your iCUE to League of Legends using my LoL Profile collection. Watch the video!

KDA League of Legends Layout


Theres some new skin on League Of Legends called KDA and i want a profile that has the color and glam of there design. Also of you can highlight QWER/ASD Thatd be awesome. Want it work with Corsair: Void Strips Mouse And K70 Mk.2 I have a animated wallpaper that reacts for music so idk if you can incorporate something with that or not but that's be cool.

Fallout 76 Gradient


Hey Alex, Got into Fallout 76 recently, tried creating my own profile but wasnt very successful. I have 6 LLFans, 4 Strips, Vengeance RGB, H115i Pro. I like the theme of Fallout 4, with the vibrant yellows and blues. Thanks!

White Heartbeat

Hey can you make a profile similar to the red heartbeat but with red background and a white heartbeat. :)