WoW General Keymap

I'm looking for a WoW profile of some sort. I am not really sure what it would look like though. either generic, or class specific. I main paladin if that helps? I like the key press profiles, they are a bit more interesting. thanks in advance.

Apex Legends (9 Profiles)

A profile for every legend. Included profile picker to easily select the appropriate profile every game, not shown in the video. Press Pausebreak to open up the profile picker.

Mass Importer Tool (Exclusive)

This tool allows you to import hundreds of profiles into iCUE instantly!

Rainbow Demo Fan Effect

Looking for fan profile replicating what LL120 fans do before ICUE is installed or when restarting PC (before ICUE loads). ICUE has no built-in pattern matching it, but I love the default fan color changing and want it back without being forced to disconnect Lightning Node from Commander Pro (this is the workaround to get it back). Similar to what is shown here: Each fan just goes through it's own color change cycle, except that it seems like no two fans are ever the same color at the same time