Sweden Flag


Hi! Could you make a swedish flag please? I would LOVE it

Jack O Lantern

Request 1:

Would you be able to make a nice pumpkin / jack - o - lantern theme to bring in the next Halloween?

Request 2:

Hello Alex, I recently saw a profile I really loved but could not find as the creator of it did not leave a download link. I was wondering if you could make it for the K70. Thank you. Profile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mABKRAjGAc

Corsair 220T Build Guide

A build video for the Corsair 220T. Press Download to watch the video :)

Chile Flag


I need the profile of the flag of the country Chile since on September 18 the national holidays are celebrated, there is the possibility that you will re-create the profile to be compatible with iCUE ?, thanks.