Don't have any money for Halloween decorations because you spent it all on RGB fans? Then this profile is for you.

(Node Pro Only)


Obnoxiously Bright and vibrant colours/colors

Just a profile I made a while ago the title says obnoxiously vibrant but I personnally don't find them that bad. obviously just images don't do it justice because this is like my most lively profile ever ever feel free to remove the macro binded to the GF1 key I just have that so If I ever go to his escape and accidently hit it it has the same effect


Red, White, and Blue

Inspired by the Far Cry iCue Integration. Now you can have the colors outside of the game. (Node Pro Only)


Updated Pokeball great ball Ultra ball and Masterball

I tried to make everything resemble the respective pokeball as much as possible as much as possible on the right side below the media keys I tried to recreat the gen 1 pokedex. I have recently added a few details I missed in some of the profiles and added a Button on the pokedex on the 3 key when you press it it will bring you back to my new profile picker I have added. DOn't worry to those who prefer to cycle through the profile I have kept that in too so you can use either of them.