Subtle is beautiful 3.0

Accidentally deleted this, the request was something along the lines of making Subtle is beautiful 2.1 support all devices.

Resident Evil Keymap

I am a very big fan of Resident Evil saga. So, considering the new release of Resident Evil 2 Remake would be great to make a profile. Specifications: - Keys can't be lighted off 100%. - Main color is red and white. - You can make two profiles like: 'w', 'a', 's', 'd' distinguished with another color (like blue, Leon's cloth color, pink Claire's cloth color), and another profile without that feature for those people who wants to play with a controller. - A mix of red and white colors blinking in the keyboard like a rain or something similar (biohazard, virus, etc) - F key row like scaner effect with red and white color. - Any idea you consider great. Is there any chance to code a profile to detect the health status of the game? or is that impossible?

United States Flag

It doesn't have to be waving and I know this is for free but I'm really bad at making profiles. I really wanted a red, white, and blue theme for my pc and a U.S.A flag would be perfect for the theme I'm going for. Also, I love the rest of your profiles. Your work is amazing! (I mainly want the flag for a k95 rgb platinum please)

Bloodstorm Witch

This is my current wallpaper using wallpaper engine on steam. Could you make a profile that matches the black, red, and purple color theme of that background? For reference, I am absolutely a fan of your OSU2 and Black Ice profiles and they are the reason I became a patron. I would like it to be mostly like the OSU2 with the purple (PC is all black and the purple looks very nice compared to red or other colors) but add a hint of red like in the Black Ice. But instead of the red being static, could I request that the red be similar to like a lightning effect? I have the K95 keyboard, 6 LL fans, and 4 light stripes all Corsair.