Persona 5

I would love a Persona 5 theme for my 95 keyboard. If it could be the logo or something I just love your designs with these colors help ya mans out?

Retro Fire

Fire + Cyberpunk = Retro Fire


Just joined the Patreon and I'm wanting to request a custom k95 Platinum profile. I would like to get one that features the Commodore logo and is C64 themed. I think it would be neat if it featured the Commodore logo and also the rainbow colors of the Commodore badge on the C64. What I am picturing is each row of keyboard would be a color of the Commodore badge (red, orange, yellow, green, blue) that would either pulse or move). I think the top functions keys could do something else. The C= logo would look good on the number pad on the right. I don't want to be too picky on exactly how you do the design, but these are just ideas of mine. You're the expert! Another idea is the G1-G6 keys on the left side of the keyboard could be brown, mimicking the brown function keys on the original C64. One of the reasons I thought of requesting this is I'm a member of a few C64 Facebook groups and I would love to show this off to them. Thanks for what you do.

Tomb Raider Keymap

Hello, please can you create a profile with all key of the game "shadow of tomb raider", great color movement and wallpaper ?