World Of Warships

Hello Alex, Can you make a profile for RGB Strafe MK 2 keyboard? I saw similar for World of Tanks hotkeys but the keyboard pattern is different. Also, it will be nice if you can add sonar effect with a blue/green color Link for a game is here Link for a hotkeys T,Y,U and I keys are also usable in some battles. Special F1 - F10 are using for chat commands

Stream Deck RGB Profiles

I've brought the world of RGB Profiles to Stream Deck!

Crimson Omen

Something revolving around the Crimson Omen. I like how it has this "lightbulb is about to blow out" type of flashing. Something red and gritty and dark. Here's a YT video of the main menu from Gears 2 for some visuals My hardware is the LL fans, RAM, ST100, Polaris, and K95Plat

Dota 2 Logo

Hi! I just bought a K95 Plat, and liked your stuff enough join your $5 Patreon! Perhaps you the first one on the cycle of dota Heroes could be the dota logo with sparks coming out of it? Just like how it looks at the home screen menu right now (When mars is on the screen, otherwise the sparks aren't there). If you make it and I like how it comes out (I'm sure I will), I'd give you 5 bucks for each Dota hero you make that I request! Probably around 4 of them.