Shadow Priest

I absolutely loved the Demon Hunter profile you created and was wondering if you could design a shadow priest profile? My Corsair products are Strafe, Scimitar, Void pro, RGB mic stand and mouse pad. Shadow Priests main color for class is White, but they harness void energy giving them a shadowy appearance that's dark purples.

Spiral Color Pack (Exclusive)

A color pack for Spiral. Exclusive to Patreon supporters as all other color packs. Enjoy! Thanks for the support.

Devil May Cry Red-Purple Nightmare

Would be awesome to have a lighting profile for DMC 5. It's a popular game and I'm pretty sure a lot of people, including me, would appreciate having a profile for it. :)

Mortal Kombat Scorpion/Subzero

Something related to Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Something with ice blue and fire yellow (representing each ninja's colors). For the keyboard if the yellow and blue can clash in the middle that would be awesome. This may be too complicated, but when they clash can the rest of the devices turn blue, and then yellow alternating kind of like an explosion? I'm not sure the extent of the iCUE software and how deep you can go. If you can come up with something similar that's fine too. You're the artist! I have the LL fans, K95Plat, RAM, ST100, and Polaris so it can support those devices at least.