K70 RGB Rapidfire Color Coded Static

This is my Default Static Lighting Layout on my K70 RGB Rapidfire
You might need to edit the colors for the newer K70 Mk.2 Keyboards since the layout of some keys are different and the logo has addressable RGB lighting

White = Arrow Keys

Red = ESC, Backspace, and Mute Key

Blue Green = Letters, Space, and Number Keys (Windows Lock and Brightness Key are also Blue Green)
[Windows Lock also disables Caps Lock]

Green = Enter and Windows Key

Yellow = Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Cursor Control Keys

Blue = Function Keys, CTRL, and ALT

Orange = SHIFT Keys

Light Purple = TAB Key

Pink = Media Control Keys

Reddish Pink = Application Key (I use this key for Profile Switching)



A little fire type project i made.


I'm not the best at this stuff but i wanna keep making cool stuff for everyone!


Blue & Green Galaxy

This is something i simply made up just to match my background for my ultrawide curved 35" monitor.

Even if it's not the best, it suits me well and hopefully it suits some of your setups well. Enjoy.


Subtle Profiles Folder

This is one of the 6 subtle profiles (you dont see them in the gif because of the file size)