Corsair iCUE Waves & Ripples - iCUE Tutorials Part Four

Part four of my tutorial series, In this video I cover waves and ripples. And some tips and tricks to use them.

Mass Importing iCUE Profiles *UPDATE*

This software allows you to import hundreds of profiles with their icons and backgrounds in a single click! No more importing profiles one by one through icue. This is a Patreon exclusive item.


Created this profile during this twitch stream:

Hello Alex, I would like to make a request for an AMD theme. Would prefer if the build can be tailored for a K95 keyboard and LL120 fans. Regarding the theme, I would like that the main colour is that of Red and which is to be used to feature the AMD texture. For the fans would prefer if possible that the following configuration is made, the colour wave effect in RED/White. Let me know if you require further details. Thanks for the outstanding work that you provide. Regards, Kavaliermalta

WoW Mage (Arcane, Fire, And Frost)

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Request: WoW Classic is about to come out, I just bought a K95 keyboard and would love a profile to fit a mage. (Arcane, Fire and Frost) and I just don't see much out there!