Created this request during this twitch stream: https://youtu.be/IG-NXO_IfAo?t=1997

I would like a ripple effect that comes in the shape of a hexagon with a simple Tar Heel Blue and white pattern. If you could make a honeycomb structure of multiple hexagons that fit together on the keyboard (K68), that would be awesome. I appreciate your work and all of my profiles are made by you! Thanks.

BF5 Firestorm

Created this request during this twitch stream: https://youtu.be/IG-NXO_IfAo?t=3115
Hi Alex It would be awesome if you could make a profile for Battlefield 5 Firestorm mode. Thanks

Neon Circuit

Created this request during this twitch stream: https://youtu.be/IG-NXO_IfAo

i tried to make my own profile to make it green and look cool for me but it didnt work. Im thinking in a circuit-like type ligthing green ilumitanion, with a lot of moving in the background, always giving that "techy" feel. just like some neon profiles with horizontal and vertical lines when typing. And maybe it would have a special efect when typing the WASD keys. I dont like it saturated with green, i also want some black, white, greenish blue or other variants of green in it, but neon green being the central one or the brigthest color. I use the k70 mk2, m65 elite and void pro, i would like if u could make the profile compatible with ll120s and ligthing strips for the node pro (4). thx

Animating in iCUE

Part two of a long tutorial series to help you enjoy iCUE to its full potential!