200 RGB Profiles LT100 Update

Hey guys, here are the same profiles from the last profile update now updated to support the new Corsair LT100. I've also added support for 8 rgb ram sticks and all asus motherboards that were not supported in the past.

RGBeat | Corsair Audio Visualizer

An advanced and up to date audio visualizer for Corsair RGB devices.

Warframe Keymap


"Can you make a profile for Warframe? Pressing Shift would make the numpad going from bottom to top in a yellow like lighting up in a ripple , from bottom to top, Pressing Ctrl would make the numpad do the oposite and go from top to bottom in a yellow light these two signaling crouch and sprint. Or pressing E , melee would make the keyboard do a small red flash all over the keyboard , signaling melee attack. Or pressing X , meaning hacking mainly , would do like a yellow loading sign on the numpad , a 2 key loading going around , 21-14-47-78-89-96-63 for 5 seconds estimated time of a hacking."

Red Breath


"i think i would be awesome if you could make a breathing effect in red. kinda like the red razer naga."

Green Lantern


"Hey man your work is really awesome i justr got my KB today and already got almost all your profiles, i really would love a green lantern based one with like the logo in centerr and numpad and a swift riple from the center of the ring with every typing and if it would be posible do the same with all the 7 rings and logos but gjust green would be awesome"

Magicka Keymap


"Given that Paradox's Magicka 2 Has just launched, I'd like to request a Profile for this game. Q is Water, which is dark blue / W is Life, which is green / E is Shield, which is yellow / R is Ice, which is light blue / A is Lightning, which is purple / S is Death, which is red / D is Earth, which is brown / F is Fire, which is orange"