Magicka Keymap


"Given that Paradox's Magicka 2 Has just launched, I'd like to request a Profile for this game. Q is Water, which is dark blue / W is Life, which is green / E is Shield, which is yellow / R is Ice, which is light blue / A is Lightning, which is purple / S is Death, which is red / D is Earth, which is brown / F is Fire, which is orange"


Dark Lava 2


"Hey, a few days ago you made me this Darker Lava profile using red and pink, instead of orange. and the colors were perfect, but after a few days of using it I realized the animation on it was very empty, at least when compared to ones like the poison pool or original lava profiles. Could you make it so the animations were more active and persistent?"




"could you make a sakura cherry blossom efect? i want it as minimalist as possible (no effects, not exaggerated glows, just the kb glowing in all cute colours :P, like underwater profile"


Blue Blight 2


"Can you make a similar profile as the below (Request: Blue Blight) but instead of the wave effect for each line when pressing a button, to make each pressed button to stay lit yellow for 2 sec and then back to normal? Furthermore, please increase the duration of the random white flashes and decrease the blue pulse (or make the white flashes permanent)"