Smite Keymap


"I would love one for the MOBA SMITE? If you aren't familiar with it, you can picture it like any other MOBA, however it's in 3rd perspective and instead of using QWER, you use 1,2,3,4 for using abilites and WASD to move around. You level up abilites with F1,F2,F3,F4 and teleport back with E. You can also jump with SPACE. TAB shows you the score. With F and R you can use active items and with X and C potions. These are the most important keys. I was wondering if you could build a fitting profile around it? (For example I would love if E would pulsate when I teleport back. So pressing E and then a pulse for about 3 seconds)."


Dark Lava


"I love the Lava pool profile you made and was wondering if you could make one that was darker and used reds instead of orange and white? Like pink red and black. It would be for the K65."




"Could someone make me some kind of "rasta" profile? If one is already made could someone link it to me I'd appreciate it alot!"


Blue Waves


"I have my standard desktop profile set up the way I like right now, with 2 different blues and a subtle light blue rippling out with every key press, but I was wondering if you could take what I have now, and make a wave (Same color as the ripple or very slightly darker) coming in from the left and right sides at all times, intersecting at the middle, while keeping or removing the current ripple effect?"