Daylight Cycle

A daylight cycle with a Sun and Moon that go in an arc around the space bar wasn't too sure what to do for the mouse and mouse pad so I just made them the colour of the "sky". with all that being said enjoy


A Obnoxiously Bright Christmas

If you liked My Obnoxiously Bright Colours Profile, Chances are you'll like this one. Why? It's because this profile is that profile but all spruced up with Christmas Colours for the holiday season!



Based on a game called Overlord


White Aquamarine


On your previous profile on your yt (Aquamarine) I would just like for a version of the aquamarine, but titanium white as the base color then black as the color of the animations that happen with. So basically have the whole keyboard titanium white, w a s d colored a light grey but able to tell the difference between the other keys from w a s d. Then for when you click a key, instead of light blue I want it to be a very dark blue- decently close to black. And when you click and hold the key it has the same burst from the aquamarine but very dark blue.